11 Win-Win Strategies How To Brand Yourself On Linkedin

Linkedin has become one of the fastest-growing social media platforms out there, with over 300 million dedicated users building their brand authority. This is why it has it’s so important to brand yourself on Linkedin. The more you are out there, the more your network grows, and the more opportunity you receive.

I started my writing journey as a career and branding strategist with having over a decade of experience in the onboarding process for major companies in NYC like The Bombay Company, Jennifer Convertibles, Saks Fith Avenue, and more. At the time, Linkedin wasn’t as evolved as it is now. Linkedin is not just a platform to look for jobs but for you to be discovered.

I used LinkedIn to help my clients improve their professional portfolios by optimizing their profiles with targeted keywords.

This platform has allowed me to serve my clients and help me build my business and brand authority.  The demand for a writer is extremely high, but targeting the right audience can help you achieve success with your business.

Linkedin has allowed me to not only grow my network but grow my business. It just grew from there.  This is why I am inspired to writing this article for you right now. So that you too can achieve maximum results on how to brand yourself on Linkedin. My overall goal is to post my articles in hopes that people would see them and would like them and hire me for a gig.

Right now, I have grown my Linkedin to over 300% since I started taking it seriously back in 2019. And here’s how I did it!

Optimize Your Linkedin

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is going to be the pathway to branding yourself online. When you optimize your profile, you give your ideal audience a clear direction to what you have to offer. In addition, optimizing your profile helps bring out more clarity to help others achieve success with their future goals.

Have a Catchy Headline

There are so many creative ways to incorporate everything you do with a catchy headline. This is the same concept as having an engaging summary. Your Linkedin profile is the gateway to your long-term funnel. What you want to do is guide people to your profile for a chance to be followed or viewed.

Write an Engaging Summary

One of the best ways to brand yourself on Linkedin is by having an engaging and interesting summary. Give people a reason to connect with you. When people go to your profile, the first thing they are going to see is your summary. Let others know immediately what you do and how you can help them achieve success in their personal or professional lives.

Have a Professional Photo

Having a professional photo is going to show people that you mean business! Remember, Linkedin is a professional platform. People on here take this very seriously. This is how business owners, CEOs, COOs, and other industry leaders connect.

Connect With at Least 20 People a Day

Branding yourself is like building up your reputation. Your reputation should be everything, no matter if it comes from your professional or personal life. People are going to remember how you make them feel.  Every day I try to connect with at least 20 people. Sometimes during this process, people will message you back with their warm felt thank yous.

What I do is I have a prewritten script, and when I am ready to send it out, I change it to the person’s name that I am messaging or trying to connect with. But make sure you double-check I accidentally sent someone a message with the wrong name, ugg! Luckily he wasn’t hung up about it, and we ended up connecting.

Trust me; people do this more often than you know.

Let Others Know You Are Open To New Connections

Once in a while, I see influencers with a large following utilizing their platforms to help grow their network as well as helping others grow theirs. It would be a great idea to leave a comment and express that you are interested in connecting. However, you may find that some people aren’t open to new connections. Which is ok right? That’s why you have to separate yourselves with a warm message and search for those who are willing to connect.

Send a Meaningful Connection Request

When you send a message to someone on Linkedin, you always want to start by introducing yourself and letting them know where you are connecting from. People don’t like to be blindsided by random message requests from people they don’t know. So what I like to do is let my connections know my name and how I found their profile. Usually, I find people through Linkedin groups that I join and let them know I am connecting. Another way is to connect with people that like your profile.

Create an Engaging Post With Good Content

Linkedin reminded me of college when I had to participate in group discussions. And to be honest, I treat it as such to help with increasing my engagement rate. Engaging with others is not only going to help with building your brand authority but also with growing your network.

Write a Recommendation For a Trusted Connection.

Let the world know how valuable your connection is to you by giving them some kudos to their profile. You can either endorse one of their skills or provide them a recommendation. This will not only help you but help the other person as well.

Support Other Connections as Much as Possible

They support one another by celebrating a new role, birthday, or maybe even a milestone they achieved. Celebrating on Linkedin gets you viewed, and it also helps the other person feel accomplished.

Join Groups That Align With Your Niche

No matter if you are looking to discover new entrepreneurs or looking for your ideal clients. Joining Linkedin groups is a great and professional way to put yourself out there to the public. This gives people an opportunity to understand your roles and how you can help p others achieve success.

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20 thoughts on “11 Win-Win Strategies How To Brand Yourself On Linkedin”

  1. I’ve never been consistent with LinkedIn, although I have heard how much it has grown and how important it is for networking today. I must update my profile and follow the tips you shared here. Until I read your article it had not even occurred to me that a LinkedIn profile is like a longterm funnel.

    How long have you been using linkedIn? has it helped you bringing in traffic to your website(s)?

    1. viviana munoz

      Hi, Christine thank you for your comment. Yes, I have been using LinkedIn for over 3 years and it defiantly helps with bringing in traffic and new clients.

  2. Wow, Viviana,
    What great and important information you have shared. I did not understand the concept of LinkedIn and now that I have read what we can do to get the most out of it, I’m ready to be a part of this platform with a whole different view of the way things work. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. I’ve been using LinkedIn but I’ve never been consistent since I’m not looking for a job! Never thought to optimize this account. to grow my website on it. Thank you for sharing this with us. Very Informative post.

  4. Hi Viviana – This was some great information regarding LinkedIn! I’ll admit that I don’t focus the same amount of time and energy on LinkedIn as I do on other social media sites, but the tips you’ve laid out seem really simple to implement. I’ve had an account for close to 10 years at this point, so when I do find some time to optimize my account I’ll be using this post as a reference guide. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise, this was very helpful!

  5. We have been building our profile for a year now and like you said a catchy headline will draw others in. Make them wonder who you are and until they click on it and see the face of the owner.
    By building customer relationships (CRM) will help them recognize that you are a trusted website.
    We are taking this seriously than we ever have and you see results testing and testing again to see what works.
    Other individuals that want to build LinkedIn profiles to boost their chances of getting seen by big companies, listen to Viviana.


  6. Excellent article and all great tips.
    I’ve found growth on LinkedIn through consistency more than anything. I know in conversation with many people that they get disheartened by lack of engagement on their posts and give up.
    Personally I have a set of daily tasks I do on LinkedIn and put time into it each day.

    Consistency is the key, and as you mentioned, doing the small things. Sending birthday messages, and staying in touch with as many of your connections as possible.

    Over the years I’ve created a strong group of connections on that platform. It’s helped me find work, get referrals, sell products and services, and have many people I can reach out to when I need advice or help on something I’m not an expert at.

    The only part of your article I would add something to is the messaging on connection requests. I would caution readers to keep it short and to the point. If your message is too long it comes across “spammy”, which unfortunately is too often the case in my LI inbox.

    Amazing article and website! Bookmarked 🙂

  7. Hi Viviana,

    Thank you for this insightful article about optimizing the use of Linkedin. I have been on this platform for some years but mainly for finding job opportunities only. Now its becoming a place where I can have some meaningful professional connections, specially in my career field.

    Thank you again for sharing!


  8. These are all great ways to boost your LinkedIn profile and spice it up to help you and get a targeted audience. The targeted audience is great, and optimizing our profile is going to give it a boost.
    A catchy headline is a good one. We are going to think of something good to use to build our brand up.
    We will share this with others that we know on Linkedin it might help them learn something new like we did.


  9. Hi Viviana,
    I read your article. The contents are excellent. I have also been a member of LinkedIn for a long time. But until I read your article I did not know the value of LinkedIn. Thank you for posting an article like this and I will try to make everyone involved with me understand the importance of your article.
    Thanks again,


  10. Networking does wonders and I’ve honestly picked up a few clients, gained certain business opportunities and made genuine friendship through LinkedIn!

    Bottomline, I think can all agree that networking requires constant authenticity.

    You’ve cerainly shared very valuable tips, in which I’m glad to say I’m doing some of them already.


  11. Hello! Viv,
    Thanks for the sharing valuable tips for the all LinkedIn users. It’s really necessary to understand the perspective of social media. LinkedIn is the highly and very meaning of the social media platform. In the LinkedIn networking very different types of industry, org/community and personal interconnecting.
    It’s a great opportunity to all the users of LinkedIn who seeking the challenge to changes career and in-self.
    Everyday’s a great chance to make the more better things in life which impactful for the coming days. Learn never stop….. it increases a highly ambitious, passions and knowledges.

  12. Hello! Vivana,
    Thanks for your great tips to all of the LinkedIn users. It’s really necessary to understand about the what’s the real purpose.
    LinkedIn is the great social professional platform here’s interconnecting highly knowledgable, skillful and educated personal.
    Talking about the LinkedIn it gives more opportunities to learn and differences types industry/Org and community connecting to connection and develop, growth the process to Implements on business, work and general things.
    Deepak Kshetri

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