How the applicant tracking systems help employers

Your organization needs employees to help it achieve its goals. Workers come and go, no matter how good they are. You can’t just sit back and be sad after a good employee leaves; you have to move on as a company. This is where employee recruitment comes in.

The process can take days or weeks to complete. This is because you have to carefully look at each applicant’s details to make sure that they are the best fit. After you’ve shortlisted the most qualified candidates, you have to set a date for the interviews.

As you do this, you put the organization’s work on hold. We are not saying that recruitment is not important for the firm, but spending so much time on this exercise can slow down the firm’s progress. As a suggestion, you can try out the applicant tracking system (ATS) to help you with the recruitment.


What is an ATS Applicant Tracking System?

This is an application that receives, sorts, and selects the best resumes for an open position. The software makes the decision based on a number of factors: from years of work experience to educational qualifications.

How the Online Applicant Tracking System helps Employers

1. It Helps Employers Sort out ALL Applications Fairly

Since your applicants took the time to read your open position advertisement and apply as per the instructions, you have to give them an equal chance of getting the position. This means that you cannot skip any application. Reviewing all applications can take time.

The ATS applicant tracking system comes in handy because it goes through all the applications searching for certain keywords that may be related to the position. The shortlisted candidates are more likely to have those keywords in their cover letter and resume.

2. It Does The Job Posting For You

The online applicant tracking system uses complex algorithms to filter resumes and shortlist candidates. You can also configure the system to post an open position on relevant sites. Using the same algorithm, the application looks for the best platforms to post that job ad. It integrates with various social media sites for the best results.

That way, the system allows you to reach more applicants and have a variety of professionals to choose from.

3. It Engages the Applicants

As much as you hold the power when it comes to offering jobs, you have to know that the best candidates have options. Therefore, you have to make sure that you keep the communication lines open between you and the shortlisted candidates.

ATS can be programmed to send automated emails to those shortlisted individuals. This is because communication is crucial if you want to keep the shortlisted applicants interested in what you have to offer.

4. It Helps the Organization Save on Time and Recruits the Best Candidates

An ATS system can also be used to post open positions. Since the system sorts out job posting websites by relevance, it increases the firm’s likelihood of only getting the best and most qualified applicants for an open position.

That means that the firm will spend less time screening the subjects. The recruitment team will focus on the interviews instead.

5. It Helps to Improve Employee Relations

During the recruitment process, the ATS system facilitates communication between the shortlisted candidates and the organization. This action leads to more trust between the two parties.

Since the applicant already feels connected to the organization, they are likely to remain loyal after they are hired. As a result, you will have less employee turnovers.

6. It allows you to Save Money

Since you are likely to receive a lot of applications for an open position, you may have to hire more people to help with sorting out the applications. Some organizations even go as far as outsourcing the entire process.

An ATS system comes in handy because it helps you avoid such costs. The only expense that you will have to incur is the acquisition costs. After you buy the application, you can program the ATS to rank the application according to the density of certain keywords related to the open position.


An ATS system makes the recruitment process less stressful and demanding for the organization. The application does most of the sorting, allowing the HR department to deal with the interviews and choose the best candidate.

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