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Did you know that there are over 377 million people that you can connect with on LinkedIn? Yes! $377 Million let us help you get the most out of your LinkedIn profile today!

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Viviana is an incredibly knowledgeable and empathetic coach. She pushes and challenges you in ways that allow your business to expand that maybe you had not thought of. She has allowed me to understand the importance of and be more consistent with my content strategy. This has increased my ability to land more sales calls with higher quality leads. All the while, she is extremely encouraging and timely when trying to solve problems you have. Even if you have been using LinkedIn for a long time, I’m sure there are tricks that she can teach you. I highly recommend her!
Susanna Min
Viviana is an amazing person, and incredibly knowledgeable on how to effectively pursue what is right for your business on LinkedIn. She also has creative ideas that will challenge you to learn and grow in ways you never thought of! While working with her, my engagement has soared, and I quickly grew my network. I love her energy, her personality, and she makes learning fun. She really cares about your success--she's so responsive and willing to go above and beyond to help you. She will cheer you on as your cross milestones. I cannot recommend her enough! Thank you Viviana!
Melina P
Purpose Coach
I don't even know where to start. Viviana's help and guidance were extremely important in opening my vision towards what LinkedIn can offer to a business owner like me who's looking to make a great impact in other people's lives. She helped me build a better profile, to get a better vision of whom I want to help based on my personality, my experience, my own testimony. She is extremely giving, caring, and fun to work with. She is very determined to change people's life experiences for the better and I am amazed by her determination, her work habit, and her consistency in her work. She is such an inspiration and so fun to be around. She's very forgiving and patient with people but keeps her high standards for herself. She's not judging, just loving on people and always exceeding expectations. I highly recommend her for any challenge you need to overcome. She has a solution for everything! I promise! Just ask.
Bud C
Branding Coach

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