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Using a professional resume writer can drastically improve your chances of carrying out a succesfull job search

I get questions like these constant how can you pass the ats resume system? aka “applicant tracking system How can I get my resume to an actual human? It’s simple if you are interested in adequately optimizing your resume to beat the bots you have to research about the company and the qualifications that are required to take upon that role. Compare your skill sets to the job that you are pursuing and ask yourself are you qualified for the job? Are there some skills that are transferable from your previous role? Use keywords related to the job that you are applying for example if the description calls for Microsoft word, but the company words it as Business Applications then write that on your resume. Tailor, it to match your skills set. That doesn’t mean keyword stuffing the bots have an algorithm for detecting that too. I had a client that identifies himself as a Unit Business Manager but plays two roles. Some companies will change the descriptions so that they are not saturated with applicants. Also, another tip that I will leave you with focuses on hard skills. I see applications that have skills such as computer skills on that’s great but what kind of computer skills? Instead of skills write something like core competencies or industry knowledge something that is used more commonly. One last tip is don’t use the same resume to apply for different positions. Just don’t! If anything hire a resume writer ๐Ÿ™‚  

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