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My name is viviana and I create impact through writing

I help busy entrepreneurs improve their professional portfolios in written form!

Let me help you!


With Content That Sells!

What if you had more time to dedicate to your business and not have to worry about content for a YEAR! I know right? But this isn’t just content. It’s content that is engaging, can help you brainstorm and generate ideas! Content and top topics are divided into FIVE “5” categories.
Problem Solving, Business Topics, Storytelling, Self Development, and Organization.


With Content That Creates Impact!

Imagine what an extra few hours can do for your business?

Content That Creates Impact!




UNIQUE and ENGAGING on problem-solving topics to help identify some of your reader’s goals. 



Finally, something you can talk about to your customers. Meaningful conversations that relate to business and what they are striving for



Finally, something you can talk about to your customers. Meaningful conversations that relate to business and what they are striving for



Who doesn’t love a good story? Engage with your audience and discover more about them. Let your story resonate with theirs!



Finally, something you can talk about to your customers. Meaningful conversations that relate to business and what they are striving for



As my gift to you, I will add my worksheets 17 pages of BRAINSTORMING, storyboarding ideas. This is ideal for a book project or anyone needing to come up with some ideas on book writing and how it works


Stay motivated with my writing planning worksheets designed to keep you on track with your writing goals.

What people say about me :)​

I highly recommend Viviana to anyone that wants to improve their professional portfolio. She took the time to learn about my business and created a stellar plan for me. If you're willing to invest in yourself, reach out to her. You won't be disappointed.
Susanna Min
I reached out to Viviana because I was interested in learning more about the book writing process. I had no idea what direction I wanted to take, but I knew that I wanted to solidify my space in that market. I purchased Viviana’s storyboarding package, and now she and I are collaborating on my first book!
Priscilla Munoz
I was referred to Viviana by a friend. I wanted to spend more time connecting with people rather than figuring out content. Her content strategy exceeded my expectations! She is very knowledgeable about what she does, and I am so grateful I was able to connect with her.
Kelly Kat
Music DJ


Career Branding

A multipotentialite with 20 plus years experience in career branding with a background in recruitment, law enforcement, management & telecommunications. I like to help others achieve success, whether it’s through writing or  professional branding.

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I’ve been able to achieve success and build my brand authority by having a content strategy in place that put me on the map. I now help people from all over build their professional portfolios in written form through research and profile optimization. But that’s not the best part.

Write my book

Are you curious about how book writing works? Or would you like to learn more about the process and how you can experience growth in your business or professional development? Then set up an appointment today!

What's your Story?

Hi everyone! My name is Viviana; I help busy entrepreneurs with their written projects. You can connect with me for Book Writing, Career Branding, Storyboarding, Edits, Proofreading, and more. Together we can improve your professional portfolio, extend your reach and build your brand authority so that you can have the time to focus on your business.

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