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Hi, everyone thank you for stopping by my name is Viviana Munoz, and I am an executive resume writer with a diverse background in recruiting, sales, marketing, and law enforcement. I specialize in Technical Building, such as Web Designs and Technical Writing. It all started with the love and the passion I have for learning. I hold a strong academic background having ownership of a Masters in Information Technology, Bachelors in Programming, and an Associates in Accounting. Not to mention the other learning platforms that I attended, which contributed to my skills set. I am currently in pursuit of a full stacking certificate so I can enhance my coding skills and take it to the next level. My next long-term goal is to pursue my Doctorates in literature. I now have a growing business where it allows me to do what I love, which is helping others succeed with their goals as well as learning and growing as a person. I also manage and design my websites, check it out at I write content and help other leaders build a brand for themselves in the online space. What makes me different from other writers is that I connect with people. I take your unique individual skills sets and transfer it to a functional document. If you are interested in any of my services or have questions I encourage you to reach out.

How to become a client

Once I receive some personal information about your career goals and payment is collected I evaluate your documents to see what opportunities you might be missing and what should be the focus. . I will contact you within 24 hours if it’s a business day to go over the specifics of your original resume. My focus is to collectively give you a professional document that is going to be to your expectations as well as functional for the workforce.

Your preparations

No matter what obstacles you may encounter I am here to help you ad guide you to the right path to success. I do ask that you tell me a little about yourself as well as some of your career goals, so I can better contract your new resume. What goals are you trying to accomplish? Is there a specific job that you are seeking? What are some of your skills sets? What sets you apart from other candidates?

The writing process

I conduct preliminary research on the industry you are pursuing as well as read over your resume/documents, and see what skills you already have that I can use for your new resume.
I use your questionnaire that I send or your resume as my reference for my search. I look at companies in your area and see what kind of qualifications they seek in a candidate. Once I have what I need, I then create a draft and send it over to you within 7-14 business days the day after payment is received. Once I sent over the draft you provide me your feedback so we can perfect your final draft. Your revisions are distributed within 3-4 business days.

Viviana is grea

Viviana is great at what she does! Creating and building resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and so much more. The time that she puts into researching every little detail is outstanding!Prompt response to any questions you may have and …

10+ rating

10+ rating. Got my resume back within a few days. very impressed by the quality of work. thank you once again. See you on the next project 👍

Viviana is aw

Viviana is awesome! She fixed my resume to highlight all my strengths and qualities. Very impressed with the layout and the formats provided by her. I definitely recommend her.

Very professio

Very professional and prompt! Needed my resume updated, got way more than I expected.

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Introduce Yourself

  • Share some information about yourself. 
  • What have you accomplished in your previous roles?
  • What are you looking to accomplish now?

Share Your Goals

  • Have your goals written down. Share them with us. Let us see your vision!
  • How are you trying to accomplish your goals?
  • How can we help you get there?

Email Your Resume

  • Send your resume for a free resume evaluation.
  • I will respond to you within 24 hours.

We Start Working

  • Once we receive payment on any of the packages you are interested in, we will quickly work on your resume.
  • Turnaround time is 7-14 business days.
  • RUSH 5 business days if I am able to accomodate your request for an additional fee



  • upto 20 years experience 
  • ATS Optimization
  • Rewrites and or Edits
  • 7-14 Business days for your draft
  • Direct contact with your writer
  • Final Documents PDF ATS optimized                                           


Starting at $399

  • Specialty Resumes upto 20 Years 
  • ATS Optimization
  • Rewrites and or Edits
  • 7-14 Business days for your draft
  • Direct contact with your writer
  • Final Documents PDF ATS optimized                                           

Master C- Level

Starting at $459

  • +20 years CEO, VP, PRESIDENTS
  • ATS Optimization
  • Rewrites and or Edits
  • 7-14 Business days for your draft
  • Direct contact with your writer
  • Final Documents PDF ATS optimized                                        

Specialized Documents

Curriculum Vitae

The purpose of the CV will be to highlight your professional performance, accomplishments as well as to provide the intended audience with an understanding of the tremendous value you add to your career with your unique skill set.

All projects span between 6 to over 15  hours depending on the type of story I am trying to frame. The more specialized your document is the longer it takes to create a draft. 

Paper and pen

Other Technical Writing Starting at $75 an hour

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Performance Reviews
  • Web Content
  • Proposals
  • Manuels

Why choose me?

I have mastered the innovate culture of writing and technology to produce resumes that have winning results.


Master at resume writing

You can be confident that you are dealing with a professional who have been in the industry for a long time. 

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Your Feedback

You will receive your draft within 7-14 business days. I then receive feedback from you,  so we perfect your final draft.


1 on 1

I will be contacting you within 24 hours to go over the specifics of your professional document.


Delivery on Time

I  know how important it is to have your resume ready for your next venture. Your first draft will be delivered within 7-14 business days.


Add-ons Start at $65

Have you recently had a promotion or have you developed a skill? We offer add-on services to existing customers.

Other Services

We also offer LinkedIn services to better network with like-minded people. Networking allows for new opportunities to seep through even when unexpected.             

Cover Letter
A cover letter is going to affirm your interest within the company you are exploring. 

Paper and pen

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